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Careers with QuantumX Technologies, Inc. 

A vision of Global Growth. 

Email resumes to:

QuantumX Technologies is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Our employees are required to perform their job functions to a high standard of quality while still demonstrating the company’s commitment to safety. 

Employees are required to act and present themselves with a professional and courteous manner with customers and the general public at all times. Employees are encouraged to take part actively in the company’s Health and Safety program. By either being members of the Joint Health and Safety Committee or by recommending ideas to the committee for consideration.

When hiring employees QuantumX Technologies looks for candidates that can work well within a team environment but are also self motivated enough to perform capably on their own. 

The company has a wide range of job functions so people that are eager and have a proven ability to learn new tasks are important to the success and future growth of the company.

The company offers a competitive wage with ample opportunity for advancement within the company. Due to the many different job classes within the company we can have opportunities from entry level laborers to experienced operators.

To be considered for one of these exciting opportunities please forward your resume to

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